Asset Counselling

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Hello! My name is Tessa Edwards

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  • Bachelor in Drug & Alcohol Studies
  • Certificate in Trauma Studies
  • Certificate in Adult Teaching
  • Registered Addictions Practitioner
  • Dapaanz Acredited Supervisor (Dapaanz)

My Values

  • To respect your rights and your dignity
  • To keep you safe
  • Ensure the integrity of our counselling relationship
  • To value the variety of human experience and cultures
  • To increase an individuals personal effectiveness
  • To foster a sense of self that is meaningful to you the client
  • Maintain the quality of my own professional knowledge and development



Professional Counselling Service
  • ACC Registered Sexual Abuse Counsellor
  • Personal Distress Issues
  • Motivational Change Coaching
  • Alcohol/Drug/Addiction Concerns
  • Trauma/Anxiety/Loss/Depression
  • FREE Counselling ETCS Criteria
  • Dapaanz Accredited Supervisor - Addiction & social service workers

  • Asset counselling helps people make sense of life through being listened to, resolving feelings, thoughts, developing insight & promoting well-being.
  • Alcohol, Other Drugs or Other Addictive Behaviours can wreck lives, explore your concerns with a non judgemental specialist practitioner.
  • Problems in relationships, couples, familes, work, or the breakdown of a relationship.
  • Adjustment difficulities; sexual identity,infidelity, issues of abuse, physical,sexual or emotional.
  • FREE Earthquake Trauma Counselling Christchurch ETCS - rebuild, repair, stress issues, relationship conflict, trauma or loss, increased alcohol or drug use due to this trauma. Govt funding available critera applies, please ask and enquire re this funding criteria.

All Journeys Start With That First Step

Exploring the person you are & want to become. You have the right to take care of yourself and enjoy your life